Avatrial aims to assemble the world’s most comprehensive multi-dimensional health and disease dataset and interrogate it to transform our understanding of how disease begins, to improve diagnosis and to develop transformative therapies.

In health, Avatrial will crowdsource longitudinal socio-demographic, environmental, behavioural, physiological (e.g., from wearables) and multi-omic (e.g., from blood samples) data across ages and races. In disease, Avatrial will routinely collect tissue samples from patients undergoing surgical procedures for state-of-the-art deep multi-omic characterisation, linked with continually-updated longitudinal clinical data for all patients.

Avatrial will use healthy and diseased patient samples to create novel biological models to generate experimental data, including organoids, organ-on-a-chip, ex vivo organ perfusion and animal models.

Avatrial will democratise and integrate primary tissue banking, multi-omics characterisation, experimental models and machine learning analytics to transform how we study, diagnose and treat cancer and other complex diseases.

Healthy & diseased tissue

Longitudinal clinical data

Crowdsourced samples & data

Multi-omic characterisation

AI/ML analytics

Data tracking and access control

In vivo animal models

Ex vivo organ perfusion

Cell expansion technology