An Unparalleled Biomedical Data Universe

A paradigm shift in oncology research

Avatrial creates a unique platform to…

… gain unparalleled access to healthy and diseased tissue and clinical data to generate novel insights into the pathogenesis and therapeutics for cancer and other complex diseases

Transformative Technologies

Avatrial combines access to human tissue and clinical data with deep multi-omic characterisation, state-of-the-art in vitro assays, cell expansion technologies, ex vivo organ perfusion technology, in vivo animal models and AI/ML analytics

Global Talent

Avatrial brings together world class expertise, infrastructure and resources to enable unprecedented research in disease mechanisms, biomarker discovery and novel therapeutics


Multi-Dimensional Data of Unprecedented Depth and Scale

Avatrial’s mission is to create the most comprehensive and scalable multi-omic, clinical and experimental dataset ever generated to transform how we diagnose and treat cancer and other complex diseases


Our Value Proposition

Working in partnership with clinical, academic and commercial leaders, Avatrial aims to transform our approach to understanding and treating cancer and other complex diseases by generating multi-dimensional datasets of unprecedented depth and scale

Unrivalled Access to Healthy and Diseased Tissue

In a routine and scalable manner from patients undergoing surgical treatment for cancer

Comprehensive Longitudinal Clinical Data

Linked-anonymised clinical data, covering past, present and future lifetimes of tissue donors

Samples and Data from Healthy Volunteers

Crowd-sourced samples linked with physiological and socio-demographic data from healthy volunteers

Deep Multi-omic Characterisation

Including genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, lipidomic and metabolomic analysis of all  samples

State-of-the-Art Experimental Models

Including in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo experimental models for hypothesis testing and therapeutic screening

Multidimensional Linked and Tracked Data Bank

Predictive AI/ML algorithms applied to linked and tracked data for biomarker and therapeutic discovery 

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